Ajigasawa Town, Aomori

Ajigasawa Town was bustling as it was the Tsugaru clan’s gateway to the sea. Ships from the Hokuriku district, the Seto Inland Sea, and Osaka shipped goods there daily, and along with them, the culture of Kyoto and Osaka. It prospered as an official port to ship the clan’s rice to Osaka. Looking at a picture of Ajigasawa Town drawn over 200 years ago. It resembles a museum-like city where you can enjoy the walking through the streets as though you were still in the times of Kitamae-bune. Today’s Ajigasawa is little different from the past

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Cultural Heritage Property of Ajigasawa Town, Aomori prefecture

  • Hiyoriyama

    The place where the sailors of Kitamae-bune forecasted the weather before departure. It is also a place of worship.

  • The Site of a Docking Place under a Castle

    A former docking place under the magistrate's office where there is a well, which was used for loading water on Kitamae-bune ships.

  • Ozaki Sake Brewery

    A storehouse used for the collection of marine products transported by Kitamae-bune. It is currently used as a sake brewery.

  • Exhibits of the Maruni Salt Store

    Boat flags and exhibits of the Maruni Salt Store that were typical of Ajigasawa Town, which became propserous through trade with Kitamae-bune shipowners.

  • Picture of Ajigasawa Town

    A picture of the town that depicts the bustle of Ajigasawa, which prospered through the Kitamae-bune.

  • Seicho Ajigasawa Jinku (A Traditional Ajigasawa Tune)

    The Bon-odori dance is said to have been brought from the Akita-Hokuriku region by Kitamae-bune. It was spread along with the song "Ajigasawa Kudoki".

  • A Grand Festival Event of Ajigasawa's Shiro Hachimangu Shrine

    A festival brought from Kamigata in the Kyoto / Osaka area by Kitamae-bune. Mikoshi Togyo (a parade of portable shrines), doll floats, and various performing arts were influenced by Kamigata culture.

  • Ema of Shiro Hachimangu Shrine

    Ema of a ship dedicated by Kitamae-bune shipowners in Osaka and the Hokuriku district.

  • Shiro Hachimangu Shrine Tamagaki

    The granite stone wall that was built by Kitamae-bune shipowners in West Japan and the Hokuriku district, and Ajigasawa.

  • Paper Lanterns of the Shiro Hachimangu Shrine

    Paper lanterns were made by Kitamae-bune shipowners in west Japan, the Hokuriku district, and Ajigasawa.

  • A Monument to a Lighthouse

    A monument to the lighthouse that was a marker for the Kitamae-bune voyages.

  • Gankoji Temple

    An important temple built using drift wood from Kitamae-bune shipwrecks that foundered off the coast of Fukui Prefecture. It has cobblestone pavements using granite transported on Kitamae-bune.

  • Raishoji Temple

    A temple with a cobblestone pavement using granite transported on Kitamae-bune.