Fukaura Town, Aomori

Fukaura Town flourished as the best “safe harbour” port in Tsugaru. This name was given because Yukiaizaki is a cape projecting out like a sliver into the sea. The Kitamae-bune often used this port. In the museum now called “Wind Wait Pavilion”. The ship’s ema illustrates the history of Fukaura and the surrounding towns of Yukiaimisaki and Nyumaezaki. There is a model of Kitamae-bune, the ship’s ema, an old sea route map, etc. on display. It is an ideal place to visit while taking a stroll through Fukaura.

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Cultural Properties of Fukaura

  • Historic Hiyoriyamaatocho

    Historic Hiyoriyamaatocho

  • Maritime Traffic Safety Worship's Exhibits Donated to Engakuji Temple

    Ship's ema and Magegaku (framed paintings) which the sailors of Kitamae-bune used to dedicated prayers for the safety of voyages.

  • Hokyointo Pagoda (Japanese Stupa) of Engakuji Temple

    The memorial tower is made of Scepitan stone, which is said to have been carried on Kitamae-bune.

  • An ema of Takemikatsuchi Iwasaki Shrine

    An ema dedicated to Kitamae-bune.

  • Kasuga Shrine "A Frames Painting of Shark Fishing"

    A large ema (97cm by 154cm) with a drawing by Kitamae-bune sailors.

  • A Beacon in the Harbor

    A beacon used so that Kitamae-bune arrived and departed safely.

  • The Stone Tori of Takemikatsuchi Iwasaki Shrine

    A tori built of stone, which is said to have been carried on Kitamae-bune.

  • Yukiaizaki

    A cape that was named for the crossing of ships that entered and exited the port for the Kitamae-bune trade.

  • Toriizaki

    The cape is said to be have been named by Kitamae-bune sailors because part of the reef is shaped like a tori.