Hakodate City, Hokkaido

In the Edo period, Hakodate was a trading port of the Matsumae clan, along with the port of Esashi. Initially, Hakodate was not so appealing for Kitamae-bune, but this changed completely after the Shogunate took complete control in east Ezo. Due to Ainu trade in East Ezo, when products were distributed through Hakodate, the number of visits by Kitamae-bune increased sharply. The improvement of urban areas was advanced by the Hakodate magistrate and was accelarated by the wealth of Kitamae-bune. Central to this was a wealthy merchant called Kahei Takadaya.

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Cultural Heritage Property of Hakodate City

  • Hakodateyama

    The place where Kitamae-bune sailors checked weather conditions before sailing.

  • The Site of the Hakodate Magistrate's Office

    The magistrate's office where Shakudani-ishi stone was said to have been carried by Kitamae-bune. This stone was used as a foundation stone.

  • The Site of the Takadaya Residence

    The site of the residence of Takadaya, who made goods for the Kitamae-bune.

  • The Site of Takadaya Head Office

    The site of a store where Mr Takadaya, who became wealthy through Kitamae-bune, made the headquarters for his business.

  • Itsukushima Shrine

    A shrine with a tori (entrance gate) that was donated by Kitamae-bune shipowners of Kaga, Hashitate.