Hamada City, Shimane

Hamada City has three ports, Tonoura, Setogashima and Nagahama, of which Tonoura was the largest trading port of the Hamada Clan. Tonoura prospered as a relay point and a wind-waiting port for Kitamae-bune going west to the Setouchi area. Tonoura is characterized by small villages, formed by small-cargo vessel wholesalers and others, on a slight flatland surrounded by the mountains. The scenery of a long and narrow bay which has not changed since the Edo period still retains a strong image as a port of call.

  • ports of call
  • shipowners’ settlement

Cultural Properties of Hamada City

  • Townscape of Tonoura

    Wind-waiting port for Kitamae-bune.
    The shipowner's village was developed along the deep cove.

  • Directional Stone of Hiyoriyama

    A direction stone where the boatmen of Kitamae-bune confirmed the wind direction and the flow of tide on Hiyoriyama before departing.

  • A picture of Touganeurayori-Nagahamauraniitaru

    A picture, drawn at the request of a small-cargo vessel wholesaler and rice store, of sailing and anchoring Kitamae-bune that enter and leave.

  • Book of vessels from various provinces

    A list of Kitamae-bune customers that entered and left the port, organized by country and region. It recorded ship types (color), goods for loading and unloading, etc.