Himeji City, Hyogo

As one of the outer ports of the Himeji clan, Shikamazu, opened at the mouth of the Nodagawa River in Himeji City, is an ancient maritime hub described in “Manyoshu”, and developed as the port for ships traveled on the Inland Sea and the port of call for Kitamae-bune in the Edo period. There is a townscape with houses of small-cargo vessel wholesalers and storehouses along the roads of the Shikama Kaido and the Hama Kaido. In the Baba Family of the secondhand clothing store and the Nakashima Family of a small-cargo vessel wholesaler, documents related to business transactions, and letters with the Homma Family in Sakata has been passed down and it indicates that many transactions had taken place and also conveys connection to the remote Shonai region.

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Cultural Properties of Himeji City

  • Kami-ushi (a divine ox) of the Hama-no-miya Tenmangu Shrine

    A stone statue of an ox dedicated by the shipowner of Kitamae-bune in Echizen and Kaga.

  • Tanpo (port)

    A boat berth built by Hoshikadoiya (dried sardine fertilizer dealer) Yuemon Fujita to make calling of Kitamae-bune easier.

  • The Nakashima Family’s House

    The house of Nakashima Family, a small-cargo vessel wholesaler who made a fortune through Kitamae-bune.

  • Karado of the Shoboji Temple

    Karado was donated by the secondhand goods dealer, Naraya, in Harima and the wealthy merchant Homma Family who frequently traded with Kitamae-bune.

  • Tamagaki (fence) of the Kushogoryotenjinja Shrine

    Tamagaki that merchants of Kitamae-bune dedicated prayers for the safety of the voyage. There are names such as the Ou district merchant "Seiuemon Yonetake".

  • Kitamae-bune Ancient Documents

    A collection of ancient documents related to the boating business, etc., handed down to the wealthy merchants who made goods on the Kitamae-bune such as the Nakashima Family.