Oga City, Akita

Funakawa Port is located in the southeastern part of the Oga Peninsula. Thanks to the blessed mountain terrain that blocks monsoon winds, such as Mt.Shinzan in the northwest, it was used as a “Wind Waiting Port” where ships evacuated even before harbor construction in Meiji 44th (1911). When the period of steamships and large sailing ships began, Funakawa Port, whose bedrock is deeper than Tsuchizaki Port, attracted attention. A 3000-ton class wharf was built in Taisho 15th (1926), allowing Otaru-Vladivostok liners come to call. In addition, in Kitaura of the north coast, there is a trace of contribution to the area by Keikichi Tanuma, who was the largest Kitamae-bune’s owner in Akita Prefecture, such as the construction of schools and roads that built by him.

  • wind waiting port

Cultural Properties of Oga City

  • Dozo (a storehouse with thick mortar walls) of the Tanuma Family

    Dozo from the Edo period remain in the residence of the merchant Tanuma Family who made their wealth through Kitamae-bune.

  • Ship License Plate (License Tag)

    License Plate relic in the residence of the merchant Tanuma Family who made their wealth through Kitamae-bune.

  • Five Pavilions of Shinzan Shrine

    Graffiti that the sailors of Kitamae-bune left behind on the shrine pavilion to pray for maritime safety

  • A monument to disasters at sea

    A monument consoling the souls of the sailors who died at sea
    (Hirasawa, Funagawa, and Wakimoto)

  • Funa-ema of Sugoroku

    Funa-ema dedicated by Kitamae-bune shipowners and sailors to pray for maritime safety
    (others in Nakamaguchi, Tsubaki, and Kakumazaki)

  • Funagawa-bushi

    A folk song that originated from the Ozashikiuta (songs performed in Tatami rooms called Ozashiki) for the sailors of Kitamae-bune

  • A manuscript written in Shigetaka Suzuki's own hand, "Kinuburui"

    A book and picture depicting coastal ports where Kitamae-bune called and villages of the late Edo period
    ("Funakoshi" the pictures are from the Suzuki Family Collection)

  • An anchor

    An anchor used by Kitamae-bune
    (Displayed at Mt.Kanpuzan Lookout)