Sumoto City, Hyogo

Tushi, Goshiki-cho, Sumoto City is the birthplace of Kahei Takadaya, who started a shipping business and was an active pioneer in the development of the Ezo area and Japanese-Russian civil diplomacy. When he was 22, he left Hyogo prefecture to set up a base and later moved to Hakodate to become a merchant of the Shogunate and walk down the path to becoming a wealthy merchant. He also worked as a pioneer in the north, through activities such as developing a seaway between Etorofu Island and Kunashiri Island and opening fishing grounds.

  • shipowners’ settlement

Cultural Properties of Sumoto City

  • Votive goods of Tushi Hachiman Shrine

    This was worshiped by the sailors of Kitamae-bune and a stone lantern was dedicated. In addition, there is a Zuijin-mon gate donated to prayers for safety when Kahei Takadaya was captured by Russia.

  • Ruins of Kahei Takadaya House

    The ruins of the house of the prosperous businessman Kahei Takadaya, who made their fortune through Kitamae-bune.

  • Townscape of Tushi

    In the port town where eaves of Kitamae-bune shipowners’ houses once lined up, narrow alleys that convey the town’s layout during the Edo period remain.

  • Materials relating to the Takadaya Family

    Materials relating to Kitamae-bune of Takadaya who was a shipowner of Kitamae-bune.

  • A boat song of Tsushi Hachiman Shrine

    A boat song dedicated to the Tsushi Hachiman Shrine that was revered by sailors of Kitamae-bune.