Takasago City, Hyogo

Takasago is located in the Kakogawa estuary and prospered as a relay station for ships on the Kakogawa River and those traveling the Seto Inland Sea. It has connections to Matsuemon Kuraku, an inventor and businessman of the Edo period who was from Takasago. The durable and flexible canvas “Matsuemon-ho” he developed dramatically improved the navigation performance of Kitamae-bune and contributed to the development of the shipping industry. In the modern era, the Kuraku family ran a sugar wholesaler business and had ties with cultured people such as the painter Shiko Munakata and the haiku poet Koi Nagata.

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Cultural Properties of Takasago City

  • A former Matsuemon Kuraku House

    A former house of Matsuemon Kuraku who was a shipowner of Kitamae-bune and invented a canvas manufacturing method.

  • Takasago-Horikawa Ruin

    Ruins of Horikawa that played a logistical role in Takasago Port where Kitamae-bune called.

  • Historical Scenery District of Takasago District

    A town shop, temple, modern buildings, and others are built in the town as layed out during the Edo period. It was also a port town where Kitamae-bune called.

  • All-night Light (Takasago Shrine)

    All-night light at Takasago Shrine in Takasago Port where Kitamae-bune also called.